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Picture by Lex Hulscher

Elles Springs is an intuitive singer songwriter with a warm deep voice.  Her songs are a mix of americana, jazz, blues and pop with a touch of country. 

Elles is known for her distinctive voice and she's no stranger to the music industry.  As long as she can remember she writes songs & accompanied herself on guitar. 

Her musical father (singer / guitarist) taught her to play guitar around her 8th year and soon Elles discovered that singing was something she loved to do. During birthdays she would play her father's guitar together with her brother singing songs of Elvis Presley & The Shadows among others. A few years later Elles became a solo artist singing & playing guitar during several occasions.











Elles ' pop / rock band 'Elles Springs' arises in 2001 after she find the time to be playing her own songs with a full band. 

Elles gathers a solid band around and developed into a quirky, intuitive singer / songwriter.

In 2003 Elles participated with The 'Gelderland Talent Heartland Superstar' and won the final with her self-written songs and drag both the jury and the audience. inside.














At that time Elles' first album "Straight Ahead" will be recorded and released independently.
















In February 2004, the cooperation between Elles and producer Gertjan Visser comes about and is a missing piece of the puzzle in place. Together they form a strong writing team and a lot of time is spent on writing new songs and recording several demos. The atmosphere of the songs can be described as a quirky, honest mix of pop, rock with a touch of country. The first result of the collaboration between Elles & Gertjan is a Meet & Greet with Norah Jones. By shooting a self-produced version of Norah's song "Sunrise", they win a match on Radio 2,  one of the large Dutch radiostations .


















The talent of Elles and her band comes to the attention of talentscout Henkjan Smits. Seeing her perform draws Henkjan and Elles end of 2005, to a cooperation agreement for the next five years. Several projects follow, radio appearances at Stenders, a big gig in The USA , where the song is part of a commercial on radio & TV sung by Elles "So good to know you". Elles got the opportunity to sing ons stage with legends like The Trammps, Gloria Gaynor & Tavares in Atlanta.










The band continues to develop after several appearances on the big stages of the country including the Huntenpop Festival, Dutch pop temple Paradiso and Ahoy. After radio performances at Kink FM, Dutch Delight , GIEL3fm, Rob Stenders and TV appearances at Omroep Gelderland and Shownews (SBS) may be concluded that The Elles Springs -band has become a solid, exciting band with a very charismatic singer.


In mid-2008 appears CD album "Hearts' N Flowers"











The most beautiful songs of the past few years are merged on a disk and produced by Gertjan Visser. De Gelderlander newspaper writes: "Elles puts a lot of drama in her voice, nothing is puny and fragile, here stands a great singer ..."

Newspaper The Telegraaf describes  Elles as the wilder sister of Ilse De Lange .

After a pause of 1.5. year year because of pregnancy and the birth of a beautiful son, the band picks up in early 2011, the thread again, ready to storm the stage to proudly present the new songs to the public.


April 2011 Elles was selected from 12,500 entries to come audition for TV show The Voice of Holland and gets eventually to The Battles. The final 60 candidates of The Voice of Holland with VanVelzen as her coach.









Shortly after her departure from the show she twitters her coach Roel her homemade video & song especially made for him with the lyrics: "Singing, I can handle it a little ..." with a big wink toward her coach to the tune of Chris Rea's Fool, if you think it's over.. (Roel, if you think it's over) and reaches within 2 days 50,000 hits on Youtube and stood up against Beyonce and Britney in the Most Viewedchart on YouTube. Giel Beelen dialed in his "Freak Night" and the music video was shown on TV Netherlands 3. A nice item on this subject came in ShowNEWs and became the song "Roel if you think" listed on any news.  This remarkable idea was very appreciated by the Dutch public.

Here is the link to the song for Roel.














After her participation in  TV-Show The Voice of Holland bookings came within which leads to various support gigs for the famous Dutch pop/rockband Golden Earring.

('Radar Love', When the Lady smiles')


In 2012, Elles decides to quit after 10 years with the Elles Springs band, to pounce on her new project;

How About Eve.

How about Eve is an All Female Band of 4 stylish and quirky women, with different musical backgrounds and takes you into a world of existing songs in an innovative, authentic way.  November 2012 appeared How About Eve's first video clip online. A very own rendition of Rene Froger's song 'Nobody Else' (John van Katwijk).















Beginning in March 2013 they released their first official single by making a second video clip. For this they made in collaboration with producer Visser Gertjan a surprising own version of the song "The Clown" MWN (1977). No less than Supreme Clown of the Netherlands Bas (sie) Van Toor cooperated in the video clip.

















October 15, 2013 'Clap Your Hands' was launched.

A song written by Peter Koelewijn played by Bonnie St. Claire invested in its own jacket with a Gypsy-Feel.

The ladies blew the hit 1977 new life and none other than Peter Koelewijn itself plays the role of Fortune teller in this clip, which Koelewijn ladies predicted a number 1 hit.
















On March 20, 2014 (the last day of winter), How About Eve launches their new single & video "Winter in America" starring Peter R. De Vries and  then get an item in RTL Boulevard on Dutch television.

















As a result of differences in vision and busy schedules the band did not manage to get their noses in the same direction. As a result of which In May 2014 Elles decided to end the project How About Eve.


Nevertheless, "the creative wheel must be spinning" and after a few months Elles decided to set up a new concept;

The State Sinners!

The love of Americana music, combined with the need to write songs again makes the choice of a totally new concept easy. Elles gathered a strong team of musicians around her and plans become reality. A new year (2015) was born with a new project called The State Sinners!

To Elles, The State Sinners give  a feeling of finally 'coming home'.














The State Sinners is a band consisting of four members   two lovely ladies and two gentlemen! :) The State Sinners bring live a beautiful acoustic setting consisting of double bass, slide guitar / semi-acoustic guitars, dobro, and four-part harmony vocals.

In June 2015 the band records three own songs with producer producer Gabriel Peeters. A few months later  the band is invited by Kees Baars Veronica's Cafe Countdown to LIVE there to hear three songs.

Meanwhile, "Smartphones" and "the single / video release of" It's a Sin "and" Blame are 'launched!

For more information / bookings please check out the website

The past year (2016) the writing process went in full swing and Elles worked in cooperation with guitarist Mark de Grauw some beautiful Americana songs, recently released on album. The CD release took place last November 20 in a Sold out Show in Luxor Live Arnhem!

The album Reveal  was recorded & produced and mixed by producer George Konings of Sound Vision Studio Arnhem. For the mastering Elles took a plane to the UK London and went to the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Great mastering engineer Miles Showell has mastered her album! Now for sale on Itunes, Deezer, Spotify etc.


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